13/06/11: Closure of our Yuki classroom
We are sad to announce that as of the end of June 2011 we will no longer be teaching in our Yuki classroom anymore. We have happy memories of teaching so many students there and one particular highlight has been seeing Hisako "graduate" to go and study to be a social worker in Wrexham, North Wales in the U.K. Thankfully I think all of our remaining students in Yuki are able to take their classes in either Nogi or Shimo ono from July. We are very grateful to the Sugai family for letting us use their room for so long.

Hisako writes:

"......I'm really sad to hear that Yuki classroom has closed. If I didn't go to Hello English School, I would not be able to decide to change my life. By this I mean if I hadn’t met you, I couldn't find my purpose to live. During the English class which you were teaching, I asked you many things which you didn’t expect. I think you were confused several times ( or more ?). However, I was stirred by your answer's every word. You used exactly the right words for me.

On behalf of the graduates of Hello English School in Yuki, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to you. Thank you very much Hello English School in Yuki!

Best wishes

Below are pictures of Hisako with some of her lecturers, Janet, Anne and Sue, and the main reception building (or Derbynfa in Welsh!) of Yale College in Wrexham.