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Hello English School | About Morien James
About Morien James
Hi, I'm Morien from England and was born in London in 1958. Yes, that makes me.... I studied music in London at The City University. I then studied to become a High School Teacher and then to teach English as a foreign language. I became interested in Japan through a course at University on Japanese music and fell in love with the sounds of the koto, shamisen, shakuhachi, Noh play and Kabuki.

I met my wife Yoko in London and came to Japan together with her in 1994. We were married the following year on October 21st 1995 in Oyama City and now have four boys Joshua (1996/9/3), Daniel (1998/7/25), Timothy (2000/01/27) and Andrew (2004/1/04).

I came to Japan with one thing very clearly in my mind: 'I will never teach English'. In London I taught music in a Junior High School and it was such a terrible experience that I vowed I would never teach again. However within a week or so of arriving in Japan I was offered a job at Seiran International School in Oyama City and thought 'well, maybe I could use the money' and so I accepted. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it: teaching, having fun, and making friends with children and adults. It was really the best job I'd ever had. The following year I worked in ECC Junior in Oyama City and there I also taught a range of children, adults and company classes. In the Summer of 1996 we launched Hello English School and began with a Mum and Toddler's class in the home of Yoko's parents in Haramachi in Koga.