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Hello English School | Links
Hello English has links with a number of other organisations. This page provides a list of these organisations and links to their websites. Please take some time to visit them.
Japan Christian Link

Japan Christian Link is an organisation with a vision to make Jesus Christ known among the Japanese, which they seek to do by equipping and encouraging Christians who work with Japanese people to proclaim the Good News of salvation to them.

Koga Church

Koga Church is the church attended by the teachers of Hello English in Koga, Ibaraki. The church was started by Ruth Smith, a female missionary from the USA in 1952. There are now about 100 members and we meet to worship every Sunday at either 9 am or 11 am. There is a Sunday School for children and adults which starts at 9:15 every Sunday. There is a great mix of ages and backgrounds. Everyone is welcome!

Matsubarako Bible Camp

Every summer we take groups of boys and girls to study the Bible and hear about the Lord Jesus at Matsubarako Bible Camp. It is set in the beautiful Nagano countryside just a short walk from the lake called 'Matsubarako'.

TnT Ministries

TnT Ministries provides training programmes and teaching materials for teaching the Bible to children and young people. TnT's goal is that such teaching is done in a faithful, effective and imaginative way.

NEXT Manga

NEXT is a non profit corporation for the purpose of the worldwide production and distribution of manga comics telling Biblical stories. The Bible stories are set in high quality full colour Japanese Manga. We offer these Manga volumes free to our friends and students. If you would like to receive any of these please contact us.

David English House

David English House is an organisation founded by David Paul. We use his books, materials and attend his training days. We seek to emulate his student centred ethos which sees each student as special and valued, and gives them the right pieces of the puzzle to be able to discover English for him or herself.

E-quality Japan

E-quality is an organisation started by David Paul to promote the highest professional standards and value for money for learners of English amoungst small privately owned English language schools. We are members of E-quality and though we have not in any way been endorsed by them, we agree to abide by their standards and code of conduct.

Step Eiken

This is the website for the Junior Eiken Step tests that we enter our students for each November. They are fun and easy to take. Nobody fails, you just see your level go up year by year!

Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity

This charity exists to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Hospital, keeping its equipment up-to-date, supporting research and development of treatments and providing accommodation for its patients. This is a charity we support and we would encourage you to find out more about it at the link provided.