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Hello English School | Classes

At classrooms in Koga, Nogi and Yuki, Hello English provides English lessons for both children and adults. We teach vocabulary, grammar and conversation skills, and cover all aspects of communication: reading, writing, speaking and listening. We are open to anybody with any level of English knowledge: from beginners who want to start English for the first time, to experienced English speakers who want to improve their language skills even further.

If you would like to take one of these classes, please contact us.

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Mums and Toddlers Class

Price: ¥6000 per month   Duration: 55 minutes

For 0-3 year olds to learn with their mothers. Learning activities include blocks, floor puzzles, songs, stories and flashcards. We once taught a two year old child in a Mums and Toddlers class for about a year. At first he didn't say anything but when he began to speak his pronounciation was similar to that of a native English child.
Kindergarten Class

Price: ¥6300 per month   Duration: 55 minutes

For Kindergarten age children who want classes in our own classrooms on a weekly basis. Children learn with the aid of games, songs and textbooks. Children usually begin with either the Open Door series or the Finding Out 1 textbook, focusing on foundational English skills such as on pencil control, phonics and word recognition.
Elementary School Class

Price: ¥6600 per month   Duration: 55 minutes

We have a large number of classes for elementary school age children. Our aim with these students is for them to learn the phonic building blocks of the English language systematically in a way which involves the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking progressing all together at an even pace, so that they can read, write, listen to and speak spontaneously with natural pronunciation and intonation.
Elementary School
Junior High School Class

Price: ¥6900 per month   Duration: 55 minutes

Classes for junior high school students. We aim to teach the phonetic foundations of English which are not usually taught at Junior High School so that students can read, write and converse naturally and spontaneously as native English students do without simply memorising and repeating words and phrases mechanically.
Junior High School
High School Class

Price: ¥7200 per month   Duration: 55 minutes

Classes for high school students, teaching conversational skills and continuing to build grammar and vocabulary. Building confidence in speaking, being able to discus issues and communicate naturally and spontaneously.
High School
Adult Class

Price: ¥7500 per month   Duration: 55 minutes

We have a wide range of adult classes for different people with different goals and interests. Lessons can include conversation between students and teacher, textbook excercises teaching conversational skills from beginner to advanced level, or a combination of the two. Classes can be extended to up to 90 minutes depending on the size of the group.
Private Class: Group

Price: By arrangement   Duration: 30 or 60 minutes

For existing groups wanting to continue studying together. These classes are very successful as groups of friends wanting to study together stay together, have a lot of fun together and create a very stimulating learning environment together.
Private Class: Individual

Duration: 30 or 60 minutes

2 hours per month: ¥10600 per month
3 hours per month: ¥15600 per month
4 hours per month: ¥20600 per month

One to one lessons are often the best option for busy high school students, university students and working folk. Lessons can easily be arranged and rearranged to suit your ever changing busy schedule.
Individual: 2 hours per month

Price: By arrangement   Duration: By arrangement

We currently teach at six Kindergartens and Nursery Schools in the Koga and Sakai area. By means of songs, games and flashcards, one or two of our teachers take classes of either 20 or 30 minutes for all the Nen Sho, Nen Chu and Nen Cho children in the mornings either every week or once or twice a month. These classes are a lot of fun for us and are perhaps the most rewarding part of our work as we see young children developing reading and communication skills and speaking spontaneously in English!
Mita Yochien
Kibosha Class

Price: ¥5000 per month   Duration: 40 / 45 minutes

At these six Kindergarten/Nursery Schools we also run after Kindergarten (Kibosha) classes for any children who want to have additional English classes. Classes are held in the Kindergarten after the daily Kindergarten program ends at either 3 or 4 pm. Classes are weekly and between 40 and 45 minutes long.

When children in these classes graduate from Kindergarten and move up to elementary school, we continue classes for them in the kindergarten but starting at a later time. By the time they enter junior high school, they are fully familiar with phonics and can read, write, listen to and speak in English.

Kibosha class at Kobato Hoikuen
Circle Class

Price: By arrangement   Duration: 45 minutes

If you have a large group of children in your neighborhood who want to learn together in your house or community centre we can supply a teacher to come and teach your group. Children learn by means of games, songs and textbooks which help them become familiar with phonics, vocabulary and basic conversational skills.
Circle class at the Nogi classroom
Company Class

Price: By arrangement   Duration: By arrangement

We can supply instructors to come to your office, factory or plant to teach your staff. Through work exercises and conversation practice, your staff can develop the English language skills that they need to compete on the international stage.
Company class