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Hello English School | Classes
Our classes
At classrooms in Koga, Nogi and Yuki, Hello English provides English lessons for both children and adults. We teach vocabulary, grammar and conversation skills, and cover all aspects of communication: reading, writing, speaking and listening. We are open to anybody with any level of English knowledge: from beginners who want to start English for the first time, to experienced English speakers who want to improve their language skills even further.

- If you would like to take one of these classes, please contact us.

- Classes are weekly with the occasional holiday (44 classes per year).

- In addition to monthly fees, please note that the following fees also apply:

Textbook cost:Price of book + Postage + Sale tax
Joining fee:¥5,000 per person, ¥7,000 per family
Joining fee (Kibosha classes):¥3,000 per person, ¥2,000 per successive brother or sister
Adult class Kibosha class
Standard Class

Duration: 55 minutes

Study in a group with other people your age.

Mums and Toddlers ¥6000 per month
Kindergarten ¥6300 per month
Elementary School ¥6600 per month
Junior High School ¥6900 per month
High School ¥7200 per month
Adult ¥7500 per month
Private Class

Duration: 30 or 60 minutes

If a students wish to study alone or with friends, we offer private classes.

Group By arrangement
Individual: 2 hours per month ¥10600 per month
Individual: 3 hours per month ¥15600 per month
Individual: 4 hours per month ¥20600 per month

Duration: By arrangement

Price: By arrangement

Morning classes of either 20 or 30 minutes for all the Nen Sho, Nen Chu and Nen Cho children at your kindergarten.

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Kibosha Class

Duration: 40 / 45 minutes

Price: ¥5000 per month

Classes held after the daily Kindergarten program for any children who want to have additional lessons.

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Circle Class

Duration: 45 minutes

Price: By arrangement

For large groups of children who want to learn together. A teacher can be provided to come to teach your group at a desired location.

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Company Class

Duration: By arrangement

Price: By arrangement

Teachers can be supplied to teach English to your staff at your place of work.

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